CJPAC Justice Reinvestment Work Group Recommendations

After weeks of study and discussion, the CJPAC Kentucky Justice Reinvestment Work Group has released their final report.  It contains 22 data-driven policy recommendations aimed at improving public safety by holding offenders accountable and reducing recidivism.

“Kentucky Smart on Crime Coalition was proud to have a seat on the CJPAC Justice Reinvestment Work Group.  Our Commonwealth’s incarceration rate is tenth in the nation, and we have the fifth highest rate of incarcerated women.  Five months of comprehensive corrections data review demonstrated that many of our prisons and jails are overcrowded, due in large part to growth in low-level, nonviolent offenders. The recommendations made by the work group, which was composed of a wide range of stakeholders, including legislators, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, a law enforcement representative, a jailer, a county judge executive, a private criminal defense attorney, the head of Probation and Parole, a victims’ advocate, and a business leader, are designed to enhance public safety, promote community and family, and more effectively treat drug and alcohol addiction.  Kentucky can join the many states, both red and blue, that have recently decreased their prison populations, while simultaneously reducing their crime rates.  The Kentucky Smart on Crime Coalition looks forward to a productive 2018 General Assembly session.” – Daniel Cameron, Spokesman for Kentucky Smart on Crime & member of the Justice Reinvestment Work Group.

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