Senate Bill 120 Passage

Kentucky Smart on Crime is proud to announce that Senate Bill 120 has been passed!

This bill will help work towards public safety improvements that seek to put people who have been convicted of crimes back to work so they don’t return to crime and prison. SB 120 is a good first step toward a smarter, more effective justice system that holds people accountable and provides a pathway back to a productive life for those who’ve served their time.

SB 120 had broad support from lawmakers regardless of party affiliation, and received no “no” votes.

One thought on “Senate Bill 120 Passage

  1. Also support those with family support know and believe the good to the community and good son or daughter they are . My son did what was asked of him and showed he did good to community. Also was trying to help me his mother not in best of health cause me hardship not being here .

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